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Founded in 2004, Beijing Innofuture Technology Development Co., Ltd. (called “Beijing Innofuture” hereafter), has been dedicating itself to developing high-tech products and system integration. It is Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise and the state-level high-tech enterprise and has passed ISO 9001 Certification in 2008.


Situated in Xinyuan Park in Changping District, Beijing Innofuture covers an area of 1800 m2. Beijing Innofuture has 20 million yuan RMB of registered capital. It employs more than 60 staff on duty, 80% of them have college degree or above, of which, 2 are Ph.D and 3 are Master.


Entered in the field of professional master and secondary clock system for large area since 2005, Beijing Innofuture has been dedicating itself to the development and production as well as integration service of time-frequency systems. It has strong technical strength and has been leading R&D for precise timing service in China. The company has participated in multiple national projects in the field of aerospace, military and etc. and has won a good reputation for its world-class technologies and products as well as attentive service.


After years of arduous research and development, Beijing Innofuture has been a famous brand in timing field in China and keeps more than 40% market share for its leading techniques, stable product quality and first-class service. And its customers cover various areas involving intelligent building, electric and military fields, rail system, radio and television as well as financial field and etc.


In future, Beijing Innofuture will provide you with top quality products and personalized service as always.